Kenya Bikini Set in Purple Lurex

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Your "Kenya Purple Shiny" low waist bikini comes with adjustable cups and straps.
It is simple but stylish for every summer day.
Produced in a sustainable factory and handmade by Peruvian artisans.

    Care Guide: 

    • do not roll me up or store when wet
    • hand wash me separately with care
    • rinse me in cold water after use
    • no detergent. no bleach.
    • do not wring or rub me
    • avoid contact with suncream. fabric may become discoloured if in direct contact with suncream or any other chemicals. 

    Size Guide:

    Size XS = (6/8 UK)

    Size S = (8/10 UK)

    Size M = (10/12 UK)

    Size L = (12/14 UK)